The Consumer Code for New Homes aims to improve standards of construction in the UK and to ensure that best practice is followed by our registered Developer members in respect of the marketing and selling of New Homes and to set expected standards for after sales customer care service, providing consumers with access to low-cost and effective dispute resolution.

In order to ensure we can continually improve, we are always keen to hear from consumers and Members about their experiences of the Code in action and buying (or selling) a New Home.

Whether you had an excellent experience when buying a New Home from one of our Members, if someone went above and beyond for you or a relative or if you think there are positive improvements we can make to the Code, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

In order to provide us with your feedback, please email us at feedback@ccnh.co.uk.

Complaints Process

Although we and our members strive to provide you with a high quality service, we also know there may be times when you feel it is necessary to make a complaint.

If you need to make a complaint to the Consumer Code for New Homes direct, please use the following contact details:

Telephone:   0333 900 1966
Email: feedback@ccnh.co.uk

An outline of the overall Complaints & Dispute Resolution Process is available here.

We would recommend that you make a complaint to the Developer in the first instance, since they will be able to deal with your complaint quickly and effectively under their own Complaints Handling Procedure. Find out more about complaining to the Developer below.

Making a Complaint to your Developer

Under the requirements of the Consumer Code for New Homes, registered Developers are required to have a system and procedures for receiving, handling and resolving Buyers’ service calls and complaints and must provide the Buyer with clear information about how to access the procedure and systems. We expect that this information should be made available for download via the Developer’s website and they should have made you aware of their Complaints Handling Procedure in the pre-purchase information you were provided with before you bought your New Home.

If you want to make a complaint to your Developer, we recommend that you follow their procedures.

You should then expect a response from the Developer within 30 working days of a complaint being made and they should let you know of the estimated time within which a decision will be reached and, where applicable, an estimated time within which required work will be completed.

If you and the Developer cannot reach an amicable resolution to your complaint, then at this point, the complaint becomes a Dispute which will then have the opportunity to refer direct to the independent CCNH Dispute Resolution Scheme or to the Warranty Body for mediation.

Making a Complaint to your Warranty Body

If you have complained to your Developer and are not satisfied with the outcome, you may want to bring a Dispute to the relevant Warranty Body for mediation since the problem may fall under the Developer’s responsibilities under the Structural Warranty.

All registered Warranty Bodies offer a free mediation process to Buyers and in situations where your Dispute is not covered by the Structural Warranty, the Warranty Body can refer it to the Consumer Code for New Homes on your behalf.

And of course, if you remain dissatisfied with the Developer and Warranty Body’s handling of your Dispute, then you can still refer it direct to us.